Workshop Position Papers

Exploring Privacy Concerns for Pregnant Expat in the US. Elizabeth Ankrah and Gillain R. Hayes

Digital Privacy Challenges for Single Mothers. Louise Barkhuus, Melanie Linnemann Djernæs

Digital Privacy, Law Enforcement, And The Balance Of Power. Periwinkle Doerfler

Being “Public” while Vulnerable: Recommendations for Researchers and Platforms. Casey Fiesler

Contextual Preferences of Older Adults About Information Sharing. Alisa Frik, Julia Bernd

Usable, Acceptable, Appropriable: Towards Practicable Privacy. Aakash Gautam

Facilitating Privacy Conversations with Vulnerable Populations. Foad Hamidi, William Easley, Amy Hurst, Aaron Massey, Helena Mentis

Responsibility and Privacy: Caring for a Dependent in a Digital Age. Martin J Kraemer, William Seymour, Ivan Flechais

Privacy Concerns of Digital Phenotyping for Older Adults with Mental Health Issues. Hyunsoo Lee, Uichin Lee

Analyzing the Role of General App Creators in Protecting the Privacy of Vulnerable Populations. Tianshi Li, Jason I. Hong

Privacy Considerations in Design Research with Underrepresented Users. Vivian Genaro Motti

Cybersecurity for High-Risk Users: Case Study of Civil Society Organizations. Nikita Samarin, Alisa Frik, Sean Brooks, Coye Cheshire, Serge Egelman

Privacy Challenges for Adolescents as a Vulnerable Population. Afsaneh Razi, Zainab Agha, Neeraj Chatlani, Pamela Wisniewski

Children’s Agency in the Age of Smart Things. Olivia Richards, Gabriela Marcu

Towards Technologies that Mitigate Private Visual Information Disclosure by People who are Blind or Have Low Vision. Abigale Stangl, Danna Gurari

It’s Everyone’s Home: Designing Smart Home Technologies with Children in Mind. Kaiwen Sun, Christopher Brooks, Florian Schaub

Bio & Statement of interest. Jill Woelfer